Make Sure Your Brakes Aren't Breaking Down

Set an appointment for brake pad replacement in Casper, WY

If your brake pads have worn thin, you need a brake pad replacement right away. Come to Orr's Garage to change out your brake pads so you can stay safe on the road.

Too-thin brake pads don't give you enough stopping power when you're driving. You might notice you have a lot of trouble stopping your vehicle at lights and stop signs. This becomes dangerous when you can't stop in time for obstacles, pedestrians or other cars.

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brake repair

Problems with your brakes can prove fatal out on the road. There's nothing scarier than speeding down the highway and realizing you can't stop. Don't let this happen to you. Bring your car in your brake repair.

In addition to brake pad replacement, you can count on us for a number of other services, like refilling your brake fluid and fixing your rotors. You'll know you need brake repair when:

  • You notice squeaking or squealing breaks
  • You have to push down harder on the pedal
  • Your car's brake fluid is leaking

Contact us today to discuss the kind of brake repair you need in Casper, WY.